Standee Banner


Event prep just got easier.

  • Dimensions :- 91cm X 182cm
  • Perfect for conferences and exhibitions
  • Professional looking, lightweight, sturdy and water-resistant
  • Standees are also known as Retractable banners, Roller banners Or Pop-up banners
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Roll Up Standee Printing
Buy 1 Standee for Rs. 1800

Display the name of your company in a creative way with Dream Design designer rollup standee banner which you can put up on the stands. The standee banners are an important part of a marketing kit to make your presence felt amongst the prospective clients. Using the roll-up standee display you can create a brand identity for your company, especially when placed at a proper location.

Online Standee Design
Promote your company in a chic way by showcasing your standee on the promotional display standee. You can carry your name around with the roll-up standees as they are portable. You can add color to your trade promotion with the pull-up standee that makes your standee look livelier.

With Dream Design, you can upload your own creative standee design or get personalized standee designs by our Pehchaan design team.

Why choose it?

  1. Made from 320 gsm flex material
  2. Lightweight and easy-to-manage
  3. Great value for exhibitions, presentations or events

Planning for an excellent event

  1. Before the event, use posters and flyers to get people interested
  2. Build out your booth with matching hanging banners, sun boards and more
  3. Stay top of mind with takeaways like pens or postcards


Steps to assemble a standee

  1. After removing from the case, create a base for the standee by turning the two support feet & making them perpendicular to the stand
  2. Extend the support pole by grasping the top pole section. Then turn the middle section to the right to tighten. Repeat the step by holding the middle section and turning the bottoms section to the right.
  3. Insert the fully extended pole into the banner stand where the round slot is provided.
  4. Raise the standee while placing your foot on one of the support feet to hold the stand in its place. Lock the top section of the banner using the grey slotted connector.

Tips and tricks

  1. For greater stability, rotate out the feet on the bottom of the base
  2. To raise the standee, place your foot on one of the support feet to hold the stand in place
  3. The retractable banner stand is best assembled by a person who is of average height or taller.

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